Why Muslims should always visit burial grounds – Cleric

A Nigerian cleric, Alhaji Salihu Ajetunmobi, has explained why Muslim faithful should always pay regular visits to the cemeteries.
Ajetunmobi said by regularly visiting cemeteries, Muslims would be reminded of death and the vanity of life.

Cleric in charge of Olorunsogo Mosque, Ilorin told newsmen that the visits would make the living to remember that life was short, with the grave always waiting for everyone.
He said, “When one sees graves, it forces a deep reflection; it forces those alive to appreciate the fact that only a thin line separates the living and the dead.
“For Muslims, the criteria for determining success should not be how many cars or houses one has acquired.
“It should not be about how fat one’s account may be.
“Success should be measured in how one was able to worship Allah diligently and with humility, because that is what will grant us the ticket to paradise.

“Those with hardened hearts normally move far from Allah. No matter the sermon, their situation remains the same.
“People with such hearts will find it difficult to perform any good deed in life.”

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