Too Dope! Have You All Seen The 2018 Range Rover About To Be Released? (Photos Here)

You all have seen many beautiful Range Rovers but the 2018 is nothing but a beast…

For years, Land Rover’s Range Rover was unparalleled in the luxury SUV segment. But with demand for SUVs soaring over the past decade it was only a matter of time until rivals started to challenge it.

Bentley and Mercedes-Maybach have joined the SUV game and soon Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce will, too and then the war for the most beautiful and sophisticated will become an Innovate or die game.

The current, fourth-generation Range Rover is still hard to beat when it comes to an SUV that offers sublime luxury and serious off-roading potential. However, Land Rover isn’t resting on its laurels and will soon update the vehicle.

Range Rover promises to to make the 2018 Model a Beautiful beast that will kill off the Mercedes Benz and other luxury brands.

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