NLC warns governors against using Paris Club refund as precondition to pay workers

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has stated that it was inappropriate and unacceptable for governors to use Paris Club refund as a precondition to pay workers’ salaries in their states.

Speaking through its General Secretary, Dr. Peter Ozon-Eson, the labour force insisted that governors who have not used 50 per cent of earlier refund to pay salaries and pensions as agreed, must not enjoy another refund until they comply with the commitment made on the 50 per cent earlier refunded.

According to him, “Paris Club refund money belongs to state governors but to use it as precondition for salary payment is inappropriate and unacceptable to us.

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’We know that with or without the refund, the governors have money to pay. When the earlier refund was made, there was a commitment that they were going to use 50 per cent of the refund to pay salaries and pensions.

‘’Those of them (governors) who did not comply with the agreement have no right to demand for another refund. They must first comply with the agreement or commitment reached on the earlier refund before they can enjoy another refund,’’ NLC stated.

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