‘Egg intake does not cause heart attack’- PAN Confirms

The Director General of Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Onallo Akpa has denied claims that egg consumption causes or increase chances of heart attack (cardiovascular disease).

He said on the contrary, the right intake of egg builds human immune system and increases cognitive capability in children.

Akpa, who spoke at the world press briefing to commemorate the World Egg Day, organized by the association, yesterday in Abuja, faulted the various claims, stressing that beyond other benefits, moderate consumption of egg helps the eye, the skin, bones as well as pregnant women and their unborn children.

He argued that studies by the American Heart Association as well as Harvard School of Public Health further enlightened the public on the benefits and disapproved the erroneous claims.

“Egg does not contribute to cardiovascular disease. Let’s not believe in those misconceptions.

“In March, 2002, the American Heart Association guidelines were changed to allow 1 egg per day into the average healthy American diet thereby ending the association’s 30 years old campaign that limited egg consumption to 3 eggs per week,” Akpa said.

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He added that, “The Harvard School of Public Health, in the same light published that moderate egg consumption, which is defined as one egg per day is not associated with increased risk of heart disease and does not have a negative impact on cholesterol neither does it affect a person’s lipid profile.

“The research finding suggests that it is saturated fat that raises cholesterol rather than dietary cholesterol.”

However, he advised the Federal Government to direct the ministry of education on need to ensure school children benefitting from the federal government school feeding programme are fed with one egg per day, without unnecessary additional food item.

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