Denrele Edun on homosexuality, baby daddies and having kids

Denrele Edun, in a new interview with Premium Times, again addressed gay rumors, baby daddy thoughts and dating.

According to the popular VJ, he is not gay and loves to kiss whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Read excerpts from his interview:

PT: Do you have a girlfriend?

Derenle: For now, No. I am very single. The girls did not let me be, so now I am trying to put myself in right perspective.

PT: When was the last time you kissed a girl?

Derenle: A few weeks ago. Her name is Ada Slim.

It was a correct kiss. And no we never dated. I went to her birthday and I didn’t bring her a gift. So it was a birthday kiss. Someone took our photograph and the kiss went viral. I even posted it on my Instagram page. I love kissing; kissing is sweet.

PT: Do you dream of having children?

Derenle: I cannot wait to have children. I am obsessed with children. I think two children will be fine. A boy and a girl and I am done. My celebrity friends always come and dump their children in my house. I understand children more than many people out there. I know I act like them because there is a little kid in all of us and may be because I used to be a teacher. I took up a teaching job after I left secondary school and I read English Education at the University of Lagos. So I understand the behavioural pattern of kids. And children love that I can understand and listen to them

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PT: Would you like your children to act and be like you?

Derenle: This is my expression of my individualism. If my father who is a Yoruba man did not try to change me and fought all the oppositions both family members and extended family members, the church and outside world, I will allow my children to express themselves.

PT: Since you are not with any woman right now, why not try baby daddy?

Derenle: If I became a baby daddy, I will take the child from the woman. I love children too much. I will be a perfect father figure. Marriage will come when it will come. Love is important to me and I must really be in love to marry. I am not in love with anyone. I am way past that. I love easily and I like easily.

PT: Some people still think you are gay.
Derenle: People will always say what they want to say especially when they look at my appearance. I dress feminine at times, but I know who I am.

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