Omg: Shameless Car Thieves Caught on CCTV Stealing BMW in Less than 60 Seconds (Video)

A video has shown the truly shocking moment two thieves steal a £50,000 BMW in under a minute by bypassing its security system with a special device.

According to Daily Mail UK, the incident is one of four recent thefts in North London where criminals have used gadgets available on the dark web to quickly make off with high-end motors.

Thieves are able to unlock the keyless cars by transmitting an amplified signal that fools the security system into opening the doors.

The victim, a businessman and father who wished not to be named, had the car for little over a month before it was snatched.

He told MailOnline: ‘I was in my bedroom sleeping at the time. We had just bought the brand new car at the beginning of September.
‘Then I heard the engine. I knew someone had started my car and I went to the window.
‘I dashed down straight away and it was gone.’

Watch video below:

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