Aso Rock clinic: Junaid Mohammed blames Babangida

A medical doctor and Second Republic Lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed has come out with reasons the Aso Rock Clinic is in its current deplorable state.

Mohammed blamed the poor state of the hospital to the way it was first established by former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida.

He said Wife of the President Mrs. Aisha Buhari, who brought the matter to the public glare was not known for telling lies, adding that no one had contested what she said.

The ex-lawmaker noted that those running the clinic have their own priorities.

He told Vanguard, “The first major reaction came from those who are customers of the Aso Rock Clinic, that is the First Lady herself and the fact that the first person that they have to account to is the First Lady and if she comes out to condemn them and nobody has contested what she has said, I have no doubt but to believe what she has said.

“So far, she has never been caught out lying even when what she says is not convenient.

“I am not surprised the way Aso Clinic turned out to be. That hospital should not have been set up the way it was established by the Babangida regime. None of the rules of procedure of setting up this kind of establishment were followed.

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“The hospital has never been badly run as it is currently being run under the current management. I sincerely hope that the Buhari administration should take the trouble to consider whether we really need the Aso Rock Clinic and I truly believe we need it and then make sure that it is properly funded.

“The absence of basic consumables shows that those who are running the clinic have their own priorities and even though they are medical doctors, have no loyalty to the healthcare delivery system in this country.

“So, we must investigate this and make sure that Aso Rock Clinic is treated as a normal federal medical centre and its funding should be rationalised.

“We should also note that not every doctor is good in running a facility because running a facility is management and from my experience, running a hospital is management.”

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