A Kaduna teacher’s reasons on why they failed the primary four test

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai

If you have been around the news, you will recall that the Kaduna State government of Nigeria decided to administer a test to ascertain the competence level of teachers in the state. About more than 20, 000 of the teachers flopped in the test and that has raised several concerns from the public.

While we are not sure how the test was marked, articles emerging online revealed that the test questions were as cheap as anything but the teachers stilled failed.

A teacher from Kaduna decided to react to the reasons why they failed the primary four test given to them by the Kaduna state government.

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If this post was written by a teacher. then I think it is high time the government makes the test more serious.

I can’t know if this was written in English or French. Here is a translation to what the teacher wrote in Hausa language

“A fool is not a mad man, and if the speaker is a fool, then the listener is not supposed to be a fool. God will punish them.”

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