Prostitute reveals Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock hired her for sick rape fantasies and boasted he was “born bad”

A prostitute has revealed how Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock paid her to act out violent rape fantasies for up to £6,000 a time.

The mass murderer, 64, slaughtered 58 people at a music festival when he opened fire from his hotel window before turning the gun on himself.

In a text message to the Vegas hooker, the killer boasted about how he was “born bad” and had the “bad streak is in my blood” thanks to his bank robber dad.

He wrote: “I didn’t have anything really to do with him (my dad) but the bad streak is in my blood. I was born bad.”

The prostitute said Paddock – who made millions from gambling – would pay her thousands to act out rape fantasies and discussed tying her up while she screamed for help.

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The 27-year-old sex worker, who is not named, told the Sun on Sunday : “When he would have a winning streak, we would go back and have really aggressive and violent sex. He had a dark and twisted side.”

There were theories Paddock may have been with an escort in the days or hours before his death after a receipt purportedly from the killer’s room listed two people as “guests”.

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