Dele Momodu slams follower over Buhari photo with Aisha Buhari

Ovation Magazine Boss, Dele Momodu seems to be in ‘no chill’ mood, as he had an epic reply for a follower who called him out over a photo of Buhari and Aisha he shared, with caption “Someone just sent me this picture of our dear President MUHAMMADU BUHARI and our gorgeous First Lady AISHA BUHARI… Love is so beautiful…”

His follower wrote;

“Criticize the people in government now sir, that’s what we know you for, stop wining and dining with them, things are not getting better uncle dele, I know what you did during JEG, what makes PMB’s different? You seems have a lots of friends in the administration? I was really disappointed wen I see you celebrating the most corrupt gov’s wife in Nigeria, logo first lady, I have never seen a sitting gov and his wife commissioning and celebrating a borehole and transformer. Its indeed very sad. What happened to your pendulum uncle? Lots of us who are looking up to you as a role model are losing it very fast. I know you will reply me with big Big gr

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But before you do, pls think about what I said…retain and Maintain that name ” freedom fighter” ….Ileya kan, Awe kan, keresi kan loku fun won o..pls remind them…”

And just as his follower predicted, he had a reply ready for him. Here’s Dele Momodu’s reply;

“@the_property_octopus Oga, pls stop talking out of ignorance. You’ve not read Pendulum in a long time. I speak truth always to people in power, friends or not. Where were you when a Buhari aide attacked me savagely on social media for telling them the reality outside the gilded cage of power. What is wrong in celebrating our first family? Must we criticise them only. They look beautiful in this picture and I’m happy to see Madam Aisha in such joyful mood. For your information I engage in constructive criticism and not rabid hatred. I attended President Jonathan’s daughter’s wedding. Finally, you also have hands to write and criticise government. Don’t wait for me. I’m not your lamb of God… Thank you.”

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