Aishat Alubankudi called a “Sex Worker” over her throwback photo

A Popular Nigerian and London-based socialite, Aishat Alubankudi, has been left pained after being labelled a commercial sex worker after sharing an old photo which was taken back in 1998. The Human rights activist and a friend to president Muhammadu Buhari, took to her Facebook page to reveal her dismay and also blast the person responsible for the derogatory word.. Read below;

Call me alasheju or shoboloyoke (someone translate pls) but I need to get it off my chest. Imagine this photo goes viral which was taken in 1998 and someone called me a sex worker what a derogatory language from a Muslim. The person must be talking from experience (Were lo mo ese were to).

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Well they call all women prostitutes so let them say. They believe it is bottom power when a woman is successful, but you can also use your rods to get there. Arrant nonsense. Any woman that doesn’t applaud fellow human beings’ success should make sure they don’t have children because karma is a cokehead. Ladies let’s support our gender. #istandwithAishaAhmad#

Allah ya isa to enemies of progress unless they repent.

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