(Must Read) Top-Three Bad Habits Among Youths And How To Overcome Them

Good day friends.

This thread is a ‘commendable’ and proven panacea (remedy) to the common bad habits most young people are struggling with, day to day, unknown to parents, friends or guardians.

I’m gonna be sharp and precise.

1. Masturbation (Self-Service)-
Does the name scare you? Lol. Even if it’s still controlling you, look it in the face and call it by its name and say, ‘I’ll overcome you someday’. I pray that day comes soon.

2. Online Betting (Nairabet, Bet9ja etc)

3. Taking toxic substances (Smoking, drinking, partying etc.)

Important Question:

How did it all begin? This will help you understand the nature of that “unholy attachment” and how to “RESET the factory settings”, so to speak.

– Through family/ friends?
– Through idleness?
– Via the media/internet?

OBVIOUSLY YOU FEEL IT DOESN’T KEEP ITS PROMISES OF ‘pleasure extraordinaire’ otherwise you won’t be reading this and looking for a way to break up with it.


People who are today addicted went in with a good intention; “I want to abstain from sex so lemmie stick here with, self pleasure.” Same for others.
They later found that out to be deceptive and addictive.
They want out.


Masturbation is like a BABY (Call it Boss Baby) that feeds on three meals:

– Lusting after Curvy, busty girls OR well-built guys.

– Porn

– Idleness

You can kill the baby if you CUT THE SUPPLY of food and attention given to it.

No prayer can do that for you. Just cut it.

Most youths; Believers or Unbelievers have this as their ‘soft spot’.

Speaking of ‘soft spot’, Man is made from the earth, clay. When water touches a part of clay, that part becomes slippery, soft. That’s called SOFT SPOT. But if you shut the tap. The clay becomes hard, until whenever you put on the tap again. So put off the tap! Stop telling people your weakness. Work dirty on it until it’s no more!

REAL ENGLISH: If you are a Christian, surround yourself with Godly materials. For me, I bought an MP3 tape messages of my spiritual leader and played it constantly. A day, 3 to 5 hours go to messages; while cooking, walking, working etc. Minus sleeping time. I didn’t know when those teachings started driving me to BLOCK those WhatsApp girlfriends who adds no value to me other than lusty chats. obscene sites became disgusting. Looking at girls’ behind reduced drastically; What’s the point?

It works all the time!

I even discovered that when I spent so much time playing video games on my laptop, the urge for self-servicing comes: What’s the Link, I thought? (You’ve got to be smarter.)

IDLENESS of hands invites Satan, I found out.

I deleted all my laptop games (PS 4). Cut my pads and dumped them.
That even kept ‘useless’ friends away. I now use my time wisely to pursue my goals.
Talk about ruthless self-discipline.

Of course, I had enough time for Prayer and Hard, Profitable work too.

Solution For Point 2

Betting (Bet9ja, Nairabet etc.)

If I was told I was ever going be involved in this, I would have hissed.
However, some friends came for a holiday in my place. Few month later after they were gone, I dabbled into it BUT Online.
It lingered for like 4 months until I SHUT THE TAP and CUT THE SUPPLY by HIS grace.
I’ve tried that several times as most of these Online Betting sites makes it tough or impossible to delete your account.
One day, I got really infuriated and wanted out and lo, an IDEA struck my mind.
Get a new password. Just type in random alphabets without knowing what you typed. That worked.
Even if my flesh wants to make free extra cash, which never really come by easily, I won’t know the password.
That’s how I became free till date.



Never tasted any but I know the way out is same.
You don’t have to amputate your hands.

A part of you is getting or has gotten acclimatized to that habit. If you starve that part of you of enjoying that habit (No Compromise), Soon enough, that part of you will get used to living without that habit, harmful substances in this case.

In Conclusion: I understand Different Strokes For Different Folks but I strongly believe this is one sure deal.

A sex addict don’t have to detach his egg plant even as that is not the main trouble.
Stop feeding on things that causes erection. Stay far from them. Don’t hang around them. Don’t toy with them. That’s defensive. To be offensive, begin to feed on spiritual things. Addictions are not chemical reaction problems. I believe they are spiritual otherwise you could have easily put them away. So try out what you’ve read.


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