See the 5 secret ways to survive in Lagos with small salary

Are you asking how to survive in Lagos with a small salary? Or you have gotten an offer that is quite small and thinking of how to survive with it? I am going to give you real-life tips that would help you maximize your little salary and give you a bit of comfort from it.

The truth is that to survive with a low salary is extremely difficult. But with these ideas, you can pull the trick. The eventuality of this article depends on your spending discipline. If you don’t have low spending habits, I don’t think this write-up will do you good.

You can use these tips to survive in Lagos even if you are married and don’t earn so much.

If you are going to survive in Lagos with a small salary, then these tips should be at your fingertips.

See them below:-

1. Have another Source of Income

To survive in Lagos with a small salary, you need multiple streams of income. Even those who earn high find it difficult to survive on one stream of income, talk-less of you with earns such a low salary. It may be a general anthem in Nigeria, but I know that 50k can rent me a good self-contain house in Ibadan – but the reverse is the case in Lagos. This is one of the ways to even earn an extra income with your full time job

Earning such a low salary in Lagos should propel you towards thinking deep about other alternate means of making money. If you work in a place where you are paid low, and still don’t have time, then I guess you should quit (Hard decision with lots of benefits). There are other sources of income that can fetch you money on the side, a majority of them don’t even need any tangible amount of capital to start (I will write about it, later on, just subscribe to the post and get it in your inbox).

If you earn… let’s say 30k, and you have another stream of income that fetches you 20k or more monthly. You can spend the 30k salary all you want, and use the other as your savings – doesn’t it sound nice?

2. Learn to go the Distance

Those legs were made for a purpose, and it was designed basically for trekking. I remember when I came to Lagos newly and was placed on a 50k salary; I tried to keep up with the bus and bike lifestyle. Along the line, I discovered that I was always a debtor before the month runs out.

The month I decided to cover some short distances by trekking, instead of entering a tricycle; that was when I had enough to spare even after month end. I knew I had to survive in Lagos with my small salary, that made me take that decision.

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Instead of biking just to cover a short distance, why not go the distance and save up the amount of money for something much more important?

Imagine you saving 100 Naira from your transport fare daily, couple with your main savings?

3. Flexing isn’t meant for everyone

It might be tempting to just go out and catch your fun once in a while, but if you are to survive in Lagos with a small salary, then you should strike this off your to-do list.

If you earn a small salary in Lagos, then I don’t think flexing is for you. You are not alone in this position, as there are others who are in similar position.

If you insist on spending 5k every weekend just to catch fun, you should know that…

5,000 x 4 weeks = 20,000 naira.

Imagine you earn 50,000 Naira, how would you manage and get those dreams in your head come to pass?

4. Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Gambling (Bet9ja, Nairabet)

Data Bundles (For streaming live videos)

Recharge Cards spending, etc. should be avoided.

The goal is not to remain like this for life; it is actually meant to be a phase of hard savings while waiting for better opportunities.
You need to have some money that would help you engage in things that would enhance your job search.

If you spend all your money on the above, which one would you use to acquire training and certifications that can give you an edge in the job search market?

Lagos is filled with opportunities, but you have to sacrifice lots of things just to remain there. To survive in Lagos with a small salary is a full-time job on its own, so you should mind how you spend unnecessarily.

I would have loved to mention other tips like;

Feeding (Eating at home)
Cohabiting with friends.
But I also guess that you should have known already. The basic point I wish to point out is that all underpaid job seekers should endeavour to get other sources of income, whether you are in Lagos or not.

It isn’t difficult starting it, and it boils down to sheer diligence and hard work. If you own a laptop and you data subscription, and you aren’t making money online, then I believe something is wrong.

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