Inside Anambra Jungle Where Female, Male Sex Workers Battle For Clients

A visit to a notorious jungle located at Nkutaku Community in the Ogbaru local government Area of Anambra State has shown that there were always good and ugly sides of a community and the security agencies appeared helpless because they seemed to be part of the system there.

This notorious place is popularly called “Kara” located along Atani Road in Ogbaru Local Government, very close to Uga junction in Onitsha metropolitan city.

P.M.EXPRESS investigation revealed that there were three major atrocities being committed there with the knowledge of the security agents has remained unabated.

According to some residents, apart from the fact that the place is haven and hide out for criminals, it also acts as their take off point for operations and drugs are peddled freely there.

The most dangerous trend there is that female and male prostitution strive like the biblical city of Sodom.

The few female sex workers who spoke to our correspondent expressed dissatisfaction over their predicament as the male sex workers have taken over the business meant for women.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that what makes this jungle unique was that the male sex workers were virtually from all the tribes in Nigeria mainly, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibibios and even Togolese.

The patrons who visit there daily to satisfy their sexual desires also cut across tribes and make choices from the varieties of men available.

P.M.EXPRESS visited the place in the night to find out what was really the motivation for men to embark on such unacceptable act in the society and those patronizing them.

Some of the patrons who spoke to our correspondent on condition that their names will not be published revealed how the place operate and that the major patrons visit there for sexual satisfaction mostly in the nights.

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One of the patrons simply known as Steve said that the place has been in existence for several years because of the search for sexual satisfaction by both men and women patrons.

He said it was all started by a particular tribe but with time other tribes joined because it was a lucrative business.

Steve explained that a male sex worker collect between N10,000 and N20,000 for a round of sex because of the status of the patrons involved.

As for ‘take-away’ popularly known as day break, male sex worker charge between N20,000 to N50,000.

However, it was gathered that the workers prefer using the jungle because of the risk involved in following unknown clients to their homes.

A resident and patron simply called Timmy disclosed that the place operates from evening time till early in the mornings because the clients usually prefer to come in the night to avoid people seeing them.

He said all manners of people visit the place such as top politicians, senior civil servants and businessmen, who engaged homosexuals for various reasons.

Timmy also explained that there were men who do not have any sexual contact with women but preferred their male counterpart because of certain commitments.

He said the incidents of robbers using the place as their hideout have really reduced due to the booming male sex workers business that attracted people of various responsible status.

Besides some security personnel also come to the place for the same purpose who they popularly called ‘money business’ in the area.

Steve said that men who preferred sleeping only with men but found it difficult to lure young boys to sleep with, usually sneaked into the ‘Kara’, engaged young boys and settled them

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