Horror: This woman was stabbed 24 times by her own lover…You won’t believe what saved her life

Natalie Queiroz is a mum who was stabbed 24 times by her own lover while she was pregnant.

The woman who told of the horrific moment, revealed that she was however saved by her boob job.

According to The Sun UK, Natalie Queiroz was told her £5,000 breast implants had prevented the 12-inch kitchen knife being plunged into her heart.

She appeared on This Morning today to talk about her horrifying experience and what she thought as she was stabbed in the chest.

She told Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield: “All you are thinking is survival.

“All you can think of is ‘I’ve got the baby and I’ve got to get out of here’.”

The 41-year-old was attacked in Sutton Coldfield town centre in June 2016 by her then partner, Babur Raja.

He had given himself a crude disguise to make himself look fatter when he launched the frenzied attack on Natalie in front of horrified passers-by.

He plunged a knife into her chest and stomach and was just 2mm away from killing their unborn 32-week baby.

Natalie said: “At some point I realised it was someone I know. At first I was excited as I thought ‘it’s Bab, how does he know I was here?’

“There was a young 18-year-old lad called Callum who ripped him off me. I am the luckiest woman alive.

“They thought the baby had gone, they didn’t think she had survived.

“She was put straight into a coma, she was effectively born dead.”

Raja was caged for 18 years for attempted murder, attempted child destruction and wounding passers-by who tried to help her.

The court heard how the couple had been together for 18 months when Raja became tormented by his mum’s refusal to accept his relationship with a white non-Muslim.

After he was jailed Natalia asked him why he stabbed her and he said family pressure, cultural difference and the fact his mum didn’t know she was pregnant led to his drastic action.

She said: “You get to the point in pressure, I get it, people get to that point of absolute, everything is going wrong, normal people stop. You could have run away.

“Worst case scenario you could have killed yourself but why me?”

Praising the NHS who saved her, Natalie added: “I wouldn’t be here if it were not for them.

“My children still have their mum and I still have my baby. Words will never do justice to thank them for their actions.”

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