NIH, USA grants Covenant university N1.5 billion for bio-research

The National Institute of Health, USA as granted Covenant University, University of Bamako and Makarere University additional $5 million to continue the H3ABionet research work and graduate training

On the part of Covenant, the Bioinformatics research cluster is one of the 21 University funded Research clusters which also collaborates with other Centers of excellence world wide.

Currently the H3ABionet is being run by Covenant and other top notch universities across the globe from South Africa, USA, Norway e.t.c in collaboration. Proceeds or publications from the consortium is usually published on Nature journals.

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The Covenant university Bioinformatics research cluster is headed by Professor Ezekiel Adebiyi, a notable Alumnus of Unilorin(BSc) and Germany(Phd)- he is also the former President of Bioinformatics Society of West Africa.

The announcement of research grant was made on twitter while the formal announcement was made on

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