9 Reasons why slay girls date a sugar daddy

With so many young ladies on the path of maintaining a glamorous lifestyle on social media and also the huge financial pressure of keeping up with the trends.

Many slay queens are turning to older men with deep pockets for relationship based on mutual understanding for sex and financial benefits for the slay girl. The sugar daddy on the other hand wants plenty of sex, attention and romance to make himself feel youthful and very willing to spend on the lucky lady.

The slay queen likes the sugar daddy because of the maturity and no strings attached commitment.

Here’s why some slay girls date a sugar daddy.


9. The financial benefits.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think “sugar daddy” is money, but they offer so much more than that. You’ll enjoy living a grandeur life that wasn’t open to you with your previous boyfriends. Your eyes are opened to expensive restaurants, fine wines and exotic bars and it’s great! You may also have the added bonus of your sugar daddy spoiling you with expensive gifts.

8. Monogamy is not required.

This doesn’t apply to all sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships but it certainly does for some. Jealousy is not an issue – you can enjoy one another’s company and also go out and have fun with others. Cheating is the number one reason why relationships fail but you won’t have to worry about that here. No worries – hakuna matata!

7. Youth is always on your side.

Your sugar daddy will always be older than you – duh! You can sleep pretty knowing that he won’t leave you for a younger woman. you’re carefree!

6. No strings attached.

Three words that are music to a young girl’s ears. You’re enjoying life in your 20s and nobody wants to settle down and commit to one person so young – there’s plenty of time for that when you’re older! The sugar daddy relationship is similar to a friends with benefits agreement, with added prize. You both leave your emotions outside the bedroom but also appreciate the other outside of sex and what they have to offer.

5. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Ever heard the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” WRONG – a sugar daddy is a girl’s best friend. What girl doesn’t like to be treated? With a sugar daddy, you’ll want for nothing. Both of you reap the benefits of the relationship, whether it be financial assistance, sexual gratification or sweet companionship.

4. You won’t need a job.

Your sugar daddy will want to take care of their partners, hence the word “daddy.” You won’t have to work that part-time jobs at that awful clothes store or fast-food joint anymore. He’ll ensure that you’re financially stable and treated to the finest of indulgences. So put up your feet, kick back and relax.

3. An honest arrangement.

You both know exactly what this relationship is. The rules and guidelines are crystal clear. The majority of sugar daddy relationships are a short-term deal. There’s an expiry date on the relationship so there’s no need to lie to each other or hide your ulterior motives. Everything is out in the open It’s an honest arrangement.

2. He won’t worry about you while you’re out with your friends.

Ever have that clingy, jealous boyfriend who embarrasses you when you’re out with your friends or texts you all the time seeing WHERE you are and WHAT you’re doing?! You simply won’t have that with a sugar daddy – he’s lived through several relationships in his time and has learned from his mistakes. He’ll remember your birthday, the relationship anniversary, always buy you a Christmas present and understand that you need time alone.

1. You can have a Clean break.

One of the best factors about having a sugar daddy is that you can call time on your relationship without any adverse effects.  He won’t scream horrible slants at you while tossing your clothes out the door of his house. You’ll shake hands and part ways in an honourable and civilised manner – “Ah sure, it was good while it lasted.”



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