Five reasons some men sleep with their daughters

Sodomy has continued to eat deep into our culture and way of life. It is no longer news when we see headlines like: 67-year-old dad sleeps with teenage daughter; Father rapes daughter, etc. These are men who are meant to be guardians to these children, who will have looked up to them for guidance and correction. But regrettably, the very people who they look up to are taking their innocence, and having them as though it was their birth right. The question therefore is; were they being sex starved by their wives, or is this a case of men who want to have a taste of younger breeds?

Just as psychologists have said, chances are that the men in question need some help. Here are five reasons some fathers sleep with their daughters.

1. Die Hard Habit (Sex Addiction)
: This is one factor that may have eaten deep into the fabric of these men, so that they cannot but act out the scripts. Sex addiction is one die hard trait that cannot go away without determination and work. As such, some men who may have found it very difficult to control their libidos before marrying their wives may find it difficult to remove their predator-like eyes from their daughters.

2. Diabolic Purposes
: Very common in Africa. Though it sounds strange, some men sleep with their daughters for strange reasons. Nowadays anything can be done for power and wealth, and one way some believe wealth will be acquired is by fathers sleeping with their daughters. What a mad way to make money, you may say. [article_adwert] Recently in Lagos, after a 43-year-old man was interrogated for sleeping with his daughter, he confessed it was done so as to give his family a better lease of life. He further said that he was asked to sleep with his first daughter so that money could flow in from left, right and centre.

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3. Psychological Derailment :This happens when the offender, the man in question, has psychologically derailed. This without mincing words means that he needs help. Psychologists say that for whatever reasons, these men have descended so low as animals, so that all they know is to sleep with their own blood. In cases like these, psychologists further warn that such victims should be pitied and helped so that they can be normal again.

4. For Occult Reasons: There have been an enormous number of cases of men in Nigeria who confessed that the real reason why they engaged in sleeping with their daughters was because of the mandate they were being given at their secret cults. In some cases it might be because of the hunger for spiritual powers; in other cases it could be to avert death and prolong their own lives.

5. Lack of values: Values are fundamental things every man must possess. However, there are some folks whose level of values is at the ground zero level. These sorts of men do not see anything wrong in sleeping with their daughters. These men have no moral compass and so will never find anything bad in the act.
Without a shadow of doubt, a girl child whose father has made a regular sex toy lives to always remember the harrowing ordeal. It is therefore a great thing if they are treated so that they can recover fully.

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