A good night’s sleep makes us happier than 50% salary increase —Study

Experts have said that getting regular good nights of sleep is far higher, better and capable of making us happy than if employers give a 50 percent pay raise!

Apparently, a good night’s sleep makes us happier than a 50 percent pay raise, the researchers conclude.

Getting decent rest was found to be the strongest indicator of well-being, followed by our sexual satisfaction in another way, job security and a sense of community.

That’s according to the Living Well Index, created by top researchers at Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research.

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Over 8,200 Brits were asked questions related to nearly 20 topics from finances and relationships to health and environment.

People were then given a wellness score out of 100. The average person has a score of only 62.2.

Sleep quality added 3.8 points alone. A 50 percent pay raise accounted for a measly .5 point increase in the overall wellness score.

So, there you have it. Disposable income didn’t matter as much as getting a good night’s sleep.

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