‘Kill my son if he’s into drugs’ – Philippines president orders police

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has ordered police to carry out the strict procedures of his war against drugs if his son is found guilty of drug dealings and criminal activities.

The President’s strong anti-drugs stance, has seen more than 9,000 civilians killed for links to drug dealing and use.

According to reports, his eldest son, Paolo, has been accused of being a member of a Chinese organised crime syndicate and allegedly overseeing a drug-smuggling and drug lord protection scheme.

Mr Duterte reportedly told his 42-year-old son.’My orders are to kill you if you are caught, and I will protect the police who kill you,’

In 2016, a retired policeman and former criminal accused Paolo of being the mastermind behind the operation. He said he helped facilitate more than a tonne of ice being shipped into the country.

In a report received by Senator Antonio Trillanes, an anti-smuggling group claims they received intelligence that Paolo was also involved in the illegal importation of luxury cars and other items.

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Earlier this month, it was reported that Paolo faced the Philippines Senate on an accusation During the hearing, he was asked by opposition Senator Antonio Trillane to remove his shirt and display a large tattoo on his back that allegedly proved he was a member of a Chinese faction.

But Paolo acknowledged he has a tattoo on his back but refused to remove his shirt.

On Wednesday, President Duterte was asked about the case during a speech to workers at his palace in Manila, where he told the police to carry out normal procedures should his son be found guilty, to remain consistent and ‘so the people can’t say anything against me’.

He said: ‘That’s better… so I can say to people, ‘There, you keep talking. That’s my son’s corpse’.

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