Angry businessman sets his 7-Series on fire outside BMW’s headquarters in Munich ( Video)

An Iranian-born businessman named Hadi Pourmohseni showed his displeasure with the automaker by setting his BMW 7 Series on fire outside of BMW’s headquarters near Olympiapark in Munich,and stood with a sign that says “BMW Kundenbetrug Kundenerpressung Prozessbetrug Schaemt Euch!” which translates to “BMW customer deceit customer blackmail process fraud.”

He’s doing this because the car he leased in Italy nine years ago,a 2008 BMW M6 allegedly had significant rattles and transmission shifting issues, and BMW’s dealers supposedly dismissed his concerns.

He was so disappointed with the quality of his leased 2008 BMW M6 and with the dealer’s service that he decided to ruin the BMW M6 with a sledgehammer and axe outside the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013.

But don’t think Hadi has only destroyed BMWs on those two occasions.
BMW agreed to look at the problem as long as the 2008 BMW M6 was returned to original condition.

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