Man gets shot in the neck and he makes a live video of it (Video)

It has now become commonplace to see people livestreaming the most bizarre things, even suicides. A man livestreamed himself bleeding from his neck after he was shot supposedly by a rival gang.
In the video, the man is seen riding in a car on his way to the hospital. Blood was oozing out of his wounds and rather than save his strength, he talked through the recording. Addressing the people who shot him, the bleeding man said he is no snitch and would not report them to the authorities but he will make sure they pay for what they did to him.

“You did that sh** bro you gonna shoot me ma ni**** you f****** dead bro,” he threatened as he revealed he was on his way to the hospital but will exact revenge eventually.
He went on to say: “You should have shot me in my head you feel me?!”

Watch the video below.

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