Horror: Lady Tries to Kill Her Own Boyfriend, Pushes Him in Front of Moving Car (Video)

A really shocking video has emerged showing a woman apparently pushing her lover in front of a moving car.

According to The Sun UK, the driver who filmed it from his dashboard claimed it was “attempted murder” after the victim stumbled into the road and was clipped by his wing mirror.

The video shows the car driving along a wide road lined with shops and restaurants in Houston, Texas.

Suddenly a woman in light-coloured clothes appears to shove a man off the pavement.

The car swerves but the man, in a red T-shirt and black baseball cap, is hit by the side of the vehicle.

He did not appear badly hurt and ran away pursued by the woman, said YouTube user Gan42.

The motorist said: “Something that looks like a domestic squabble escalated to attempted murder as the woman intentionally waits for my car and pushes the man in front.

“The impact broke off my side mirror while the man clutched at his elbow and took off across the street with the woman after him.”

He said he made a statement to police after it happened in April.

The footage was posted online on Saturday and has been viewed more than 15,000 times.

Comments included people saying they hope the woman in the video is sent to prison.

Watch the video below:

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