Height of Poverty? Shameless young girls now selling sex in broad daylight at flyover, bush (Photos)

Multitudes of young prostitutes, some below double-digit age, in the Harare area of Zimbabwe, have once again intensified their operations in the forests adjacent to a popular flyover along Seke road in the area making it virtually their fortress.

According to a report by H-Metro, the commercial s*x workers openly solicit for s*x form members of the opposite s*x without any degree of shame, using explicit words to lure clients, which makes any normal member of the public o stop and listen.

“Hey, have you had s*x today, come get some,” one of them told a reporter, and shockingly enough, their charges rate from as low as 25 cents.

A female reporter stumbled upon the unusual occurrence when she was on an assignment somewhere near their sphere of influence. They quickly mistook her for a new prostitute who had come to invade their territory.

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“You prostitute, go and operate at your usual workplace, who told you we’re making a killing here”, said a clearly agitated prostiute, later identified as Ayanda.

It was also learnt that there are two distinctive areas of operations for the s*x workers. They use the railway lines which lead to the NRZ Harare min station, but according to some of the prostitutes, that base is not that productive at the moment, as the bush seems to be sanctuary for muggers and fugitives as well.

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