Shocker: Randy couple caught having sex in a pavement next to a graveyard (Video)

A video has shown the moment a couple were caught on camera having s*x in the middle of a pavement – just metres away from a graveyard.

In the video, the pair, who have not yet been identified, were were lying just inches from the road, rolling around as they performed s*x acts on each other.

A brunette female is shown lying on her back wearing a pair of red tartan hotpants, shouting: ‘Oh my lord’.

The boy then pushes her leg away and rolls onto his back, exposing himself.

But it didn’t stop there… the woman then straddled him before performing another sex act on him – completely unaware of anyone around them.

The camera then pans out to show the area surrounding the couple, showing off a residential street next to what appears to be a graveyard full of tombstones.

According to Metro UK, the video clip, which goes on for almost two minutes, was posted on Twitter last night and is believed to be filmed in the seaside town of Southend on Sea in Essex.

Since then it has attracted almost 6,000 retweets and thousands of comments from shocked viewers.

One said: ‘I’ve watched something I can’t forget now. Fuck my life.’

The video was apparently shared in a group chat between boys but it is unknown who actually filmed the public incident.

Watch the video below:

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