Nigerian Soldier Who is an Igboman Gives His Brothers Words of Wisdom on Biafra (Photo)

A Nigerian soldier currently serving in the Northern part of the country, Okoro Sebastian has given his fellow Igbo brothers some interesting words of wisdom as they continue to agitate for Biafra.

Speaking on the Biafra issue, he said: “If you see my face you will know that I am not really happy, the way my ,(Igbo) brother’s are attacking me everywhere mostly on social media just bcouse of dis Biafra issues. Why? Where are we coming from and where are we going? We haven’t finished Boko Haram problem now East have started their own.

“East is no more safe, don’t let anger of the ones Boko Haram cause Nigeria army to descend on Eastern parts. Is going to be worst. Stop the fight for the sake of your brothers in the North.

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“You that still want to abuse me just because I am a soldier go on. If you experience war, you will never pray for war to happen, if you see war life go tire you. I am just advising you guys. Remember that your Igbo brothers are here in North too. If Hausa’s start their own on them it will be worst.”

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