Five reasons you should own a Nigerian local dog over foreign breeds (Must Read)

We all know about our local breeds we find around. Call it basenji, call it indian pariah call it ekuke, call it meat 404 call it stray dogs, call it poo eaters but truth is, these breeds need more care and need not to be treated like a pack of poo grin

Here are some reasons why you should own an ekuke over that caucasian , pitbull, samoyed or GSD you so much crave for

1. Immunity and disease resistance

Have you ever seen an ekuke being dewormed or vaccinated at birth? Fact is no and never.

Why ? Well thats because these breeds are so much immune to so many diseases affecting canines.

You’ll see them in gutters and dump yards yet, dem go still dey healthy cheesy. But with that boarboel of yours, you’ll always be scared of pavo virus and the rest hoping your 150k + doesn’t go with the wind.

You can’t even let your dogs out anyhow but with an ekuke, you don’t need to be worried.

2. Feeding

Some people spend 10k+ every month just to feed their GSD. Some spend 15k+ just to feed their caucasian.

With your local breed, why should you spend that much when all you have to do is feed it the remains of last night’s food.

They’ll eat anything, they don’t complain. Give them eba, they’ll eat. If you want to treat them well, give them spoilt beans, they’ll love you for ever.

3. Cost

To get a very pure boarboel from S.A, ready your 200k+ , same goes for caucasian and about 150k+ for a good GSD but with your 1k, you can get your local dog. Some even goes for as low as 500 naira.

So come to think of it, why spend that much on just a dog that can die at any time. cheesy

4. Security

Some say these breeds are not security conscious but thats a fat lie. If you want to mess with them visit them at night when they are most active. (Which thief or burglar operates during the day tho).

They are naturally sight hounds and speed hounds (hunters use them to catch meat and their success rate is 90%). They’ll alert you way before any intruder gets in.

Moreover, why spend 100 thousand naira or more on a foreign breed when you can get 100 ekukes to guard your home grin (who born any thief well when you have hundreds of dogs waiting in line to have a taste of your juicy flesh) .

Afterall, there’s strength in numbers they say wink

5. Longevity

They never fall sick, they never starve (even if you don’t feed them they’ll go an look for food themselves. Thats how smart they are).

So what will kill them then?

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