10 Things Every Lady Must Attain Before Age 30

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The dream of every lady is to be an independent woman. By the time she is sixteen she starts to conjure up so many fantasies in her head. In the diary of a girl, life moves so fast she hardly realises she has reached the triple decade. However there are certain things every lady should achieve before marking her 30th birthday.

1. A Good education – Education here is not the formal University education; however by education, we refer to a trade, business or employment that she can rely on – The purpose is to ensure she doesn’t rely on a man for all her daily needs or petty cash. She should be able to take care of herself at least.

2. Full sexual education – By this age, every lady should have acquired every possible knowledge of sex, and sex education to a standard that she can teach her offspring, relatives, and community same.

3. Mastery in cooking – If by 30 a female cannot prepare a wonderful, tasty meal (even if it’s her local dishes) then something is wrong – she doesn’t have to be a professional cook, but she should be able to ‘wow’ her friends, relatives and lover (if any) once a while or every time.

4. A confidence outlook – At 30, every lady should be bold; she should be able to address anyone, walk into any space e.g. into a classroom where only boys are no matter their numbers, if the need arises.

5. A sense of discipline – Every lady at this age should have laid for herself solid principles, no late night, no sex on first date, no this or no that – this vary from one lady to the other, but be ready to live by your principle irrespective of peer or social pressure.

6. Menstrual Attainment – That’s funny right? – Well if you haven’t seen your period at 30, you’re in serious problem already.

7. A trusted adviser – Unlike guys who can just talk to anyone to get advice, every lady needs at least one person she can run to – we talked about using the social media for this purpose in No 6 above; but social media won’t solve all, there is going to be that once when she has to talk to someone; so get a trusted person NOW.

8. A home (away from parent’s home) – Preferably that place should be her husband’s house but in any situation where is has no plan to settle anytime soon; she should get a decent but not too expensive accommodation of her own.

9. Sound religious indoctrinatiom – Not everyone would agree to this, but its common saying to hear people talk about the power of the praying wife and the influence it has on her immediate family…. if the ladies don’t agree, every guy must agree; we all need one.

10. A fighting spirit: A woman’s journey in life is far and filled with stones. A woman must aquire a fighting spirit if she is to move ahead in life. By fighting spirit I do not mean being aggressive but having the calmness to wade through difficult challenge with poise.

How old are you? Do you see yourself as being a successful woman? Going through all these points which of them are you presently struggling with? It is important for a woman to always develop herself inwardly and outwardly.

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