Top 5 Nigerian Big Boys making Nigerian youths cut heads for money!

Top 5 Nigerian Big Boys Making Nigerian Youths Cut Heads for Money!

Today, we see young and cute guys cruising the latest cars, dazzling in the best and wears and also, hanging out and hooking up with beautiful girls (some of which have boyfriends). These boys are beginning to cause a paradigm shift in the thinking path and process of our youth. Well, for what it’s worth, here are the 5 Nigerian big boys making our youths do anything for money:


#1: Ismaila

Ismaila Mustapha

Ismaila is based in Lagos and reported operates a business known as Mompha Bureau De Change in Lagos Island. Though he’s quite a millionaire, Ismaila is known to flaunt his customers’ money and his money (raw cash!) deceptively in a way that makes the average Nigerian youth see good reasons to have just a kidney.


#2: Investor Bj

Investor Bj

Investor Bj has grown quite popular on the social media as his lavish display of wealth has made hundreds of thousands of youths follow him up on Instagram. Investor Bj is one of the Nigerian big boys praised by 9ice in his song titled “Living Things“. He’s an investor from what has been known so far about him and also, loves to pride in Gucci. According to him, he’s the only African recognizable by Gucci in Malaysia.


#3: Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne


Watch Deskid Wayne throwing up money below;

Deskid Wayne is the youngest on this list and is most extravagant socialite who blew the internet with photos of himself smoking with the US highest currency. He had proven to be super rich as photos of this guy will definitely intimidate you. Deskid Wayne styles in between bundles of dollar bills and leaves his viewers’ jaws dropping.

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#4: Ray HushPuppi


Ray HushPuppi has enjoyed fame from the media and fortunately, the long arms of the media is yet unable to reveal his source of wealth. Ray HushPuppi is a Nigerian Big Boy based in Malaysia and is a self acclaimed Gucci Ambassador. His lavish photos and crazily expensive accessories would make youths do crazy things for this money. HushPuppi has several cars and is money (according to what many youths have said to my ears) is long.


#5: Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne

Watch Randy Wayne showing off his mansion and jewelry below;


Randy Wayne is CEO at We The Business Records; a music record label. It’s no more news that this young Big Boy acquired a $15 million dollar diamond teeth grillz, and is one of the very first Nigerians to acquire such expensive item. The grillz classed him on the caliber of American acts like Birdman and Lil Wayne, who acquired and stylishly wore same teeth grillz just as expensive as Randy Wayne’s. When he’s on rapid display of wealth, there’s nothing on him that’s not worth millions in naira.


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