Prophet Bushiri rejects circulating fake ‘sin cleansing soap’: ‘That’s not mine’

Social media has recently been awash with products such as soaps and money cards said to be coming from ECG.

ECG communications director Ephraim Nyondo has since enlightened the public to be careful and beware of such products because they are ‘mere propaganda tools against the church’.

He told Nyasa Times: “They are doing this simply to tarnish the name and image of our ministry. But we praise God because we are bigger than this small propaganda.”

ECG said there have also been false products such pregnancy test and that the church sells blood all in a bid to turnish the image of ‘Major 1’ as Bushiri is fondly called.

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Nyondo added that the church is horrified at the greed of individuals behind whose motive is to cash in on speedy yet unauthorized sales.

He has since urged the public to be careful and also to watch Prophetic Channel in order to keep abreast with legitimate church materials.

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