Things to never do at work – Workplace Etiquette

Here are our top 12 office no-nos (if you plan on having a successful career).

Taking office supplies home. They are small things, and you think it doesn’t really matter, but imagine if everyone took something home..soon there’d be nothing left at all! Plus, it’s outright stealing.

Eating smelly food at your desk. Everyone loves a good efo riro, but maybe it’s not such a good idea to eat smelly food in an enclosed space where others are trying to concentrate. Try the cafeteria.

Rummaging through your colleagues’ desk/ bag etc. Aside from the fact that you could be accused of stealing, it’s just rude to go through other people’s things.

Not everyone shares your taste in music, so keep it down.
Invest in a good pair of headphones if you need music to concentrate.

Staying fresh. It’s very difficult to hold a conversation with a person who has bad breath. Do your colleagues a favour and always have mints to hand.

Taking off your shoes!!!. I
can recall a time a colleague of mine took off her shoes in the office. The smell was so bad everyone started complaining, and it was super embarrassing for her. Save yourself the embarrassment and just don’t take off your shoes in the office.

Constantly borrowing.
Can I use your pen? Can I have some paper? Can I use your calculator? What time is it? Do you have chewing gum? There are some people who are ALWAYS borrowing things. Don’t be that person.

Stealing people’s food/ drinks from the fridge.
There are people who actually steal their colleagues lunch from the office fridge. Seriously. What kind of person steals someone else’s lunch? What if the food is contaminated? Plus if you get caught, just imagine the disgrace…they’ll think there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Gossiping about co workers. The thing with gossip is that it always comes back to haunt you. That person gossiping with you, is the very same person who will go on to gossip about you.

Complaining. No matter how bad you think you have it at work, there are thousands of people out there who are desperate for ANY job at all

Taking angry phone calls.
Yes, the mechanic messed up your car, but maybe screaming at him in the middle of the office is not such a good idea. Always take your personal calls outside.

Lying to get ahead. The truth ALWAYS comes out.

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