[These Works For Me] The 3 Things You Must Do If You Find It Hard To Fall Asleep

If you are finding it hard to sleep, you should understand that the more nights you sleep poorly, the harder it will be to fall asleep in the next night.

So, the faster we deal with the problem the better for you.

Here I am going to list 3 remedies you must follow if you want to fall asleep very fast.

1. Identify the actual problems

You might look on now and it seems that the problem might just you feel so uncomfortable on the bed.

No wonder you can’t fall asleep.

Actually, the true problems started some time ago, it might be weeks, days or even months ago and now it has escalated into insomnia.

I want you to look back and check what you started doing as this will help you understand how to retrace your steps.

For example, I started finding it hard to sleep when I subscribed to MTN’s Midnight browsing plan, which allows you to browse unlimited from 12am to 4am for a mere #25 (cheap right).

Well, the cheap subscription killed my sleep quality and in 3 months, I was a walking zombie.

I initially thought it was because of the midnight shows I normally watch on tv, but it was all MTN’s fault (my fault actually).

With this, I was able to understand how much sleep I have lost and how much I need to gain back for everything to return to normal.

2. Don’t prolong it

If you still find it hard to fall asleep after doing what I said in No. 1, then this No. 2 tip is for you.

Whenever you find yourself staring at the ceiling or tossing in the bed don’t force yourself to sleep and don’t get up and start chatting or working on your laptop either. That will just prolong your night and if you eventually fall asleep, it would be one of your worst nights and worse of all, it will happen the next night and the next and the next.

Instead try to do something soothing, something that will calm your never.

You can take a bath (which you were supposed to do before going to bed)
Read a book
Listen to smooth, calm music

All these sound like what you do to a child to make him/her fall asleep and yes it does work for adults.

3. Watch what you do before bedtime

Sometimes when I find it hard to fall asleep, it’s due to the thoughts in my head. The war between the transformers, the horror movie I just watched, or the naughty chat I just had with that girl from my class, or the numbers, statistics, demographics, and algorithms on my working sheet I just finished or postponed.

All these sure kept me awake and they will do the same to you. If you want to fall asleep faster, stop doing any serious work 30 minutes before bedtime (when I say bedtime, it applies to those who created a sleep schedule).

You can start doing things like I stated in No. 2 to help calm you down prepare you for sleep.

Remember, all these things can only work if you take your sleep seriously, just like the way you take your passwords and your phone number

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