Shocking! Man inserts four fingers inside Wife’s privates in a bid to punish her

A man has shocked many people with his unbelievable and wicked act after he was found out to have inserted his finger inside his wife’s private parts.

Cashington Machiha, a Zimbabwean man from Mutare man was hauled before the courts for inserting four fingers into his wife’s private parts as a way of disciplining her following a misunderstanding.

According to Manica Post, Cashington Machiha (29) pleaded guilty when he appeared before Mutare provincial magistrate, Mr Tendai Mahwe last week.

He was facing charges of physical abuse as defined in Section 4 (1) of the Domestic Violence Act, Chapter 5:16.

Mr Matthew Chimutunga prosecuted.

The court heard that on August 17 at around 10pm, Machiha and his 23-year-old wife had a misunderstanding when she arrived home late.

The wife told him that she was at her sister’s place.

“Machiha got angry and harassed his wife. He inserted four fingers into his wife’s private parts, saying he wanted to tear it apart.

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“His wife screamed for her help and Machiha left the room,” said Mr Chimutunga.

“The following day, Machiha’s wife told her sister what had happened and this angered Machiha again. He assaulted her all over her body with his hands.

“He further threatened to stab her with a knife, but she managed to escape. She sustained physical injuries,” said Mr Chimutunga.

Asked why he opted solving his differences with his wife in such a way, Machiha left the court in stitches when he told the gallery that it was out of anger that he inserted his fingers into her private parts.

He said he wanted her to respect their matrimonial home.

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