9 steps to overcome PREMATURE ejaculation

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Some men find it impossible to get into bed with a woman who experienced the premature ejaculation episode – they feel like incomplete men, ego, pride and Sexual appetite busted

Premature ejaculation is a very serious problem.

Men who suffer the condition know that it is a very embarrassing experience that can leave one’s morale totally busted, even after the problem is settled.

Here are some solutions;

The street name of this cure is stop-and-start and here is why

Take a male-dominated position – to pull off this technique, you need a male dominated position where you control all the action. Positions like the missionary and doggy variations are on point.

Don’t thrust too fact
– your thrusting improves your stimulation so try not to be too fast. This doesn’t work for everyone, but slow thrusting is better for most.

Gauge your excitement – watch it as you get excited and note when the stimulation is approaching ejaculation

Pause or exit – when you notice you are getting too excited, pause the thrusting and if possible remove the Pen.!s from the V@.g!n@. This will calm the Pen.!s down a little.

Turn your attention to her – when you remove your Pen.!s, you have to touch her so that you don’t bore her. Touching could include fingering, kissing and fondling her body parts. Oral S3@.x:’ wouldn’t be a bad idea in between your thrusting.

Go back inside – when you feel that your urge to ej@.cul@te has calmed, you can resume thrusting. As soon as the tension calms, you can resume thrusting. Repeat this each time you have S3@.x:’.

Masturbate before S3@.x:’ – some people have found masturbating before having S3@.x:’ a temporary solution to premature ej@.cul@tion. It aids in reducing the sperm you have

Use a condom
– skin-to-skin S3@.x:’ gives more stimulation so you may dull the edge

Clear your mind – sometimes, all you need to do is have a clear mind because you could be suffering from mere anxiety

NOTE: if the issue becomes too frequent, it is best to seek professional medical attention.

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