20 wrong grammar expressions used by Nigerians; corrections, tips and reasons

1. I am koboless.
Say: I am bankrupt.
Reason: There exist nothing like koboless in English dict-clopedia and is malapropism.
2. I am more better than you.
Say: I am much better/ better than you.
Reason: ‘More’ and ‘better’ are comparative. Both can not be used at the same time. You can likewise use ‘better than or much better than.’
3. Five men on suite are here.
Say: Five men in suite are here.
Reason: The preposition shows they are in (wearing it) the suit, not on(maybe, standing on a piece of cloth) it.
4. Nepa has brought their light. It is low current.
Say: Nepa has restored power supply. It is low voltage.

Reason: Voltage is the electrical force measured in volts. You say high/low voltage not current.
5. I will take roasted chicken.
Say: I will have roast chicken.
Reason: ‘Roast’ is the adjective. ‘Roasted’ is a verb, an action word (past tense).
You may apply this grammar to; ‘unripe pawpaw’ not ‘unriped pawpaw’ etc.
6. Wow! You mean you came all the way from the bus-stop down here with leg!
Say: Wow! You mean you came all the way from the bus-stop down here on foot.
7. You must refund back my money!
Say: You must refund my money.

Reason: To refund already means to give back, adding ‘back’ again is wrong except you are trying to say ‘you must give me back back my money. Apply this grammar corrections to ‘return back’ , ‘rewind back’ , ‘repeat again’ etc. They all don’t need the ‘back’ when they already mean it.
8. This soup is not pepperish; I’m going to buy grinded pepper.
Say: This soup is not peppery; I’m going to buy ground pepper.

Reason: ‘Ground’ is both past and past participle of ‘grind.’ There is nothing like ‘grinded.’ Haba!
Secondly, it is ‘peppery’ not ‘pepperish,’ nothing like ‘pepperish.’
9. I heard it from the radio.
Say: I heard it on/on the radio.
10. I have a running nose.
Say: I have a runny nose.
Reason: ‘Runny’ is an adjective which means producing a lot of liquid from your nose or eyes.

11. Bring me another money.
Say: Get me some or more money.
Reason: ‘Money’ is an uncountable now and cannot be preceded by ‘another’ directly.
12. Horn before overtaking.
Say: Hoot or blow/sound your horn before overtaking.
Reason: ‘Horn’ is a noun not a verb.
13. I don’t have a book talkless of a pen.
Say: I don’t have a book let alone a pen.
14. I want to buy sack bag.
Say: I want to buy sack.
Reason: ‘Sack bag’ is tautology.
15. The team comprises of eleven players.
Say: The team comprises eleven players.
Tips: When you use the word ‘comprises’ , do not put ‘of’ in front.
16. We discussed about football last night.
Say: We discussed football last night.
Tips: Do not put any preposition in front of ‘discuss.’
17. She studied hard and she did not pass.
Say: She studied hard however she did not pass.
Reason: ‘And’ is used when both simple sentences are in equal status. That is to say, the two items or statement to be joined must be either ‘positive positive’ or ‘negative negative.’ Meanwhile. ‘however’ is used when one is positive and the other negative.
18. Bring my traveling bag.
Say: Bring my travel bag.
Reason: ‘Travelling bag’ is wrong grammar.
19. You are suffering from lack of no respect.
Say: You are suffering from lack of respect.
Reason: ‘Lack’ already meant ‘no respect.’
20. I and my sister travelled.
Say: My sister and I travelled.
Reason: When a subject is joined with the personal pronouns ‘I,’ it is incorrect to place the personal pronoun first.

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