Biafra: It’s time to pull Nnamdi Kanu back to prison, dump key in Atlantic Ocean – Presidency

The presidency has said it was high time the Abuja Federal High Court sent the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu back to jail and the “key dumped in the middle of Atlantic Ocean” for flouting his bail conditions.

The Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social media, Laurretta Onochie, gave the call on Tuesday in a statement on her Facebook wall.

In the statement tagged “Due process, being followed on little Nnamdi Kanu,” the presidential aide described Kanu’s followers as touts, hooligans and hoodlums who do not have formal education and were incapacitated in processing information or responding civilly.

Describing the IPOB leader as “little Kanu,” Onochie said it is “time to pull him back to where he belongs.”

According to her, “DUE PROCESS, BEING FOLLOWED ON LITTLE “NNAMDI” KANU. I must say that I’m personally impressed by the clamour by Nigerians to have Kenny Okwu Kanu, alias “Nnamdi” Kanu, cut to size. It’s therefore, not true that we are a lawless people, as the Ohaneze Ndigbo would have the world believe. The laws of our land have paths they follow.

“If anyone goes contrary to the provisions of our laws, they get pulled in by the laws they have flouted. The government of President Muhammadu Buhari will follow due process in all that it does.

“Kanu was unmeritoriously granted bail by a Nigerian Court. But he has abused and broken the three conditions that are within his personal ability to honour.

“The Conditions that were set for his bail are as follows:

“Kanu must not hold rallies.

” He must not grant interviews.

” He must not be in a crowd of more than 10 people.

“He must provide three sureties in the sum of N100 million each.

” One of the sureties must be a senior highly placed person of Igbo extraction such as a senator.

“The second surety must be a highly respected Jewish leader since Mr. Kanu said his religion is Judaism

“The third surety must be a highly respected person who owns landed property and is resident in Abuja

“The IPOB leader must deposit his Nigerian passport

“He must also deposit his British passport with the court

“He must provide the court with reports on the progress of his health and treatment on a monthly basis.

“The order for him to deposit his Nigerian and British passports also mean he cannot travel out of the country (If this is considered, it is the thirteenth condition).

“But now that Little Kanu has broken the 3 main conditions of his bail, and gone ahead to establish his own police, army and secret service, it’s time to pull him back to where he belongs.

“The application for The revocation of that unmerited bail is in process. The court will hear that application after recess. The court granted him that unmerited favour. The court, the same court, is also expected to hear the evidence of his unlawful behaviours and decide whether or not to annul that grace that was granted him.

“PUBLIC NOTICE The truth is that most of Little Kanu’s followers are touts, hooligans and hoodlums. They also grew up in the dingy Onitsha and Aba markets, breathing recycled oxygen and with NO formal education at all.

“They do not have the ability to process information or respond civilly. So they resort to name calling and abuses. They deserve our sympathies. Let’s be patient.

“The court will look into the evidence of his spitting on the face of the Judge who granted him the bail and I’m hopeful that the right thing will be done. Which is, Lock him up and dump the keys in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”

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