Man kills friend to avoid paying back N50,000 loan (photo)

A 40-year-old man in Kano, Hassan Lawan, who goes by the nickname, Mutuna, allegedly murdered his close friend, Zilani Yusuf, 35, who lent him N50,000.

When Yusuf asked Lawan to repay the loan, the suspect chose the devilish option of killing him rather than paying back the loan.

The evil deed happened in Bari village, Rogo Local Government Area, Kano State. To actualise his alleged evil act, Lawan invited Yusuf to his house on two occasions, ostensibly to discuss the issue of the loan.

The first time, he took Yusuf on his motorcycle to his house at Tarenge Village in Rogo Local Government Area, Kano State. After the visit he gave Yusuf a ride back to his own house in Sabongari, Nasarawa village in Kafur Local Government Area, Kastina State, about 8.00pm.

Then on July 16, 2017, he invited him to visit his house the second time, on the pretext that he would pay the money. He also asked the victim not to tell anybody about his visit to his house.

Again, it was with his motorcycle that he took the victim to his house Sunday Sun learnt from the Commissioner of Police, Kano Police Command, Mr. Rabiu Yusuf, that the suspect allegedly killed his friend during that second visit and then harvested his organs.

But the bubble burst when Yusuf did not return home and the friend he had confided in before leaving to visit Lawan, raised the alarm and informed the victim’s family.

His relatives reported his disappearance at Rogo Police Station, which launched a search for him.

Meanwhile, Yusuf’s friend told police what he had confided in him, that Lawan always said that he should not inform anybody about his visits to his house. Homicide detectives pulled the suspect in and questioned him. He owned up to the crime.

The police later found the dead body of the victim in Bari village, Rogo Local Government Area with his private parts cut off, The Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Mr. Ahmed Azare, commended Yusuf’s friend for providing useful information to the police, which enabled detectives to crack the case.

In a brief chat with Sunday Sun , Lawan admitted that his close friendship with the deceased, who he said lent him N50,000 but he could not immediately repay. “When he continued to demand for the money, I decided to kill him to stop him from disturbing me. I invited him to my house the first time and tried to settle with him.

I told him not to tell anybody about his visit to my house. The second time I went to his house with my motorcycle to pick him. Then I killed him and removed his private parts, so that he would stop disturbing me to pay him.

“After I killed him, I thought the matter had ended, but I didn’t know that he had been telling his friend about the money he lent to me and his visits to my house.”

Armed with the information given by Yusuf’s friend, the police arrested Lawan, who took detectives to recover the mutilated body of the victim.

He is now gnashing his teeth in police custody waiting to be arraigned in court for murder.

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