Churches with the highest number of universities in the world

Christianity as a faith is blessed with thousands of universities which both help to educate and to reform. Considering that there are over 37 million denominations of Christianity, it is hard to successfully group Christian Universities. However, irrespective of this difficulty we can identify the top 5 churches with the largest university systems in the world. This also shows that the trend of church universities springing up in Africa is not unique to Africa. Many of these Universities are ranked top 1000(or top 5%) in the world while some even rank top 200.

1) Catholic universities: 1300
There are over 1,300 catholic universities in the world with some ranking very high on times higher education. Examples of Catholic Universities include University of Notre Dam(143rd in the world), Villanova University, Loyola University Chicago and Georgetown University(104th in the world). There are also about four universities associated with the catholic church in Nigeria.

2) Anglican: 131
University of Chester, St Augustine university, Thorneloe University, Ajayi Crowther university are examples of universities that are owned by the Anglican Church.

3) Adventist: 120

The Adventist church has numerous universities in the world and is also the owner of our very own Babcock University. High ranking Adventist Universities in the world include Oakwood University, Andrew university, La sierra university, walla walla university, Washington Adventist university e.t.c The Adventist church has about 28 universities in Africa, 18 in Europe, 18 in N/America and over 60 in other places.

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4) Baptist: 72
The Baptist church has about 60 universities or colleges in the USA and about 11 scattered in other parts of the world. Baylor University(Texas) Eastern University( Pennsylvania) Liberty University(Virginia) Linfield College(Oregon) University of Sioux Falls(South Dakota) are top Baptist Universities in the world other examples of Baptist Universities include Bowen University(Osun), Mount Meru University Tanzania e.t.c

5) Church of Christ: 31

The Church of Christ has some amazing universities like Pepperdine University(which also has one of the most beautiful campus in the world), Obong University(Nigeria), Harding University, Amridge University e.t.c

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