South African serial killer claps and smiles after being sentenced to 71 years imprisonment (Video)

Twenty-year-old Cameron Wilson clapped and smiled as he was sentenced to four life terms and 71 years behind bars for a string of convictions including murder, r*pe, and attempted murder.

The packed public gallery erupted with cheers after Western Cape High Court Judge Chantal Fortuin handed down sentence on Thursday.

Wilson was convicted of 13 out of 15 charges on June 30 – five murders, rape, possession of a firearm and ammunition, two charges of assault, incitement to commit murder and three counts of attempted murder.

The sentences will run concurrently. His crime spree started in 2014 and ended with his arrest last year after the murder of 18-year-old Lekita Moore in Valhalla Park. Her mutilated, n*ked body was discovered in an open field where she had been stabbed 98 times.

Wilson was also found guilty of the murders of Alfonzo van Rooyen, Toyher Stobber, Ernest Erasmus and Stacey-Lee Mohale.

Abigail Plaatjies was one of his victims who survived. During the trial, she told the court of the terror she experienced with her 16-year-old friend Stacy-Lee Mohale.

On April 24, 2015, the two girls walked a friend home, and on their way back, they were approached by Wilson and a younger boy.

Wilson led them to a nearby field at gunpoint where he raped Stacey. He then hit and stabbed them and finally threw tyres over them and set them alight. Stacey did not survive the attack. Abigail did, but with serious injuries.

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Deemed a psychopath and danger to society by forensic psychiatrist, Professor Shaun Kaliski, during sentencing proceedings, Wilson appeared unmoved by the years behind bars he now faces.

The serial killer was sentenced to four life terms as well as a total of 71 years behind bars for the other charges – the sentences will run concurrently and he will only be considered for parole 25 years from now.

Wilson seemed bored during sentencing, at times shaking his head and smiling. Outside court, Lekita Moore’s father said he cried every night about his daughter: “She was everything to me. He must never come out of jail. His family must never see him, he must not see his family. He must feel the pain we feel.”

Family members of the victims celebrated on the court steps after the sentence was handed down, chanting “justice has been done”.

One poster read: “After today you won’t be laughing”.

Watch the video of his reaction below:

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