[A Must Read] Why some people will never get married, most especially ladies

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A guy in his 50’s may still end up marrying a succulent teenager, but when a lady gets to the 40-range and still single, it becomes an issue. It’s a fact that they are unhappy people and some are ‘hopelessly’ single.

Here are some reasons why some people especially ladies may never get married;

1. Those Caring For Their Aged Parents

Some ladies, being the younger siblings are the ones left at home to manage the affairs of their parents. Other older siblings live their lives how the feel like, get married, have kids, while those ones left @ home cannot do other things due to the responsibility of looking after their aged parents- jobs, outings etc becomes limited, thus, they are left behind by the society.

As a senior sibling, dnt always wait for them to ask for support. It is by those little support they get from you they can put other things in place, ‘cos they’ll neva ask you since u’ve failed to see life from their angle.

2. Those Living With Their Siblings & Caring For Their Kids

Some ladies have been living with their siblings & caring for their kids since their early teenage days. They have become their househelp & do not have time for themselves. Their busy parents too dnt care. They leave in the morning & get home late @ night, but these caretakers remain indoor- can’t pursue their career, not job, they just rely on them for everything they need. Some of those kids even graduate & get married while they are still single.

If you have anyone under your roof, make sure they’re empowered, ‘cos in future, they may start hating you for being the cause of their loneliness.

3. Environment

Someone relocating from a much lively neighbourhood to a very ‘dull’ place may have issues with their social life. Comparing my former area to my current area, i know how it feels like as a guy. If a lady in her 30’s is in this condition, i wonder how she wld get out of it. That means you must double-up your efforts to keep up with your social class, but laziness wl not allow them to make changes. They prefer attending mushroom churches behind their house instead of worshipping @ bigger parishes; they remain indoors – dnt visit old friends anymore because of the distance, & thats how they become lonely & isolated.

4. Career

These ones focus so much on their career & loosing out on their relationship. Even when they realize that things aren’t right with their lifestyle, they still set bars (class) on the type of guy they need. When are you gonna find that ‘Mr. Perfect’?? Serena Williams has taken a break from tennis to raise a family; Funke Akindele too has taken control of her destiny.

5. Chastity

These set of ladies were able to keep themselves clean in their teens, 20’s, & 30’s…..and somehow have lost interest in sex. They have become ‘frigid’ & even scared of having babies at their age. They even prefer being singles for life.

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