Nigerian Army monitoring anti-government, anti-military speeches on social media‎ – Spokesman

The Nigerian Army said it will now monitor the social media for anti-government and anti-military speeches.

The Director of Defence Information, Major-General John Enenche, told Channels that the move became necessary in the light of troubling activities and misinformation capable of jeopardizing the unity of the country.

Major General Enenche, said that the social media had always been a challenge all over the world and for the military, it was no different.

He said, “It is a double-edged sword and we are also having a bit of it.”

President Buhari had yesterday met with service chiefs and ordered them to strengthen their operations all over the country.

Enenche added, “Imagine when the President came back and addressed the nation, not up to 30 minutes later, a fake speech of the Commander-In-Chief was being circulated in order to do what? To derail the people.

“If you are not very sharp and if you didn’t listen to the speech or you don’t have a copy of it like I had it almost immediately, you wouldn’t know. So, looking at it from that perspective, it is a challenge everywhere.

“What are we doing? In the military, we are now taking on it more seriously than ever. We have our strategic media centres that monitor the social media to be able to sieve out and react to all the ones that will be anti-government, be anti-military, (and) be anti-security,” the military chief continued.

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“We tackle them appropriately with appropriate responses. Ahead of that, we are also proactive.

“We have measures in place, scientific measures to be able to sieve this information and also to get the public and let them know that some of this information they are getting is not genuine are not true and their objective is an anti-corporate existence of this country.

“Like I have said before, it is not unexpected being that they have been degraded, decimated and really busted at camp zero and other cities there through the air bombardment and raids by members of the military, particularly the army. So you will see them spreading out like ants that have been busted from an anthill.

“However, I want to assure the general public and Nigerians that measures are in place to begin to take on them and begin to take them out.

“However no matter how highly placed anyone is or any insider or collaborator is, we are on top of the situation and we are beginning to get our information to begin to handle them appropriately,”‎ he added.

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