Greedy Nigerian woman buys herself a new car after fleeing with her business partner’s money (Photo)

It is the end of the road for a greedy Nigerian woman who defrauded her business partner and used the money to buy herself a car. The woman identified as Gladys Assah-Asor also used part of the money to travel on vacation.

She is alleged to have defrauded her business partner, Nkiruka Okon the sum of N7million. Assah-Asor who is a single mother from Cross River state is also a graduate. She works as a network marketer for a popular product based in Ikeja.

Assah-Assor revealed that she has been a marketer since 2015. ‘In 2015, I marketed a product to Okon.” she told the police.

Narrating how it happened, Okon in her words said: “We agreed to buy about 410 units of the products. I made a deposit of N4,500,000 to Gladys account on the agreement that after sales I would be collecting back N7.5m, but she refused to stick to the plans as agreed in our memorandum of understanding.

During one of our confrontations in 2016, Gladys issued me a dud cheque of N3m, N2m and another N2m making N7m in total but the bank told me the cheques were not payable.”

Meanwhile, it was discovered in the course of investigations, that Gladys also duped another lady to the tune of N1.8m in a car purchase deal she brokered.

She disclosed to investigators to have used proceeds from the second fraud to open a catering shop business, bought car, traveled out on vacations and got a suitable apartment for her family.

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