I once had sex in the pool and size doesn’t matter to me when it comes to sex – Pretty Nollywood Actress, Amara

Nigerian actress, Amara Maduka who is well endowed in desirable places has said she prefers early morning s*x.

She made the revelation in a chat with Vanguard. The daring but sensually crafted screen diva whose erotic pictures recently went viral on social media bragged that the size of a man’s manhood is of no importance when it comes to s*x, as long as it gives her sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

The actress revealed further that she prefers a skillful partner who is ready to satisfy her pleasures in the bedroom.
“Size doesn’t matter when it comes to s*x; it’s how you use what you have that matters. What is the essence of a big ‘banana’ if it cannot be used well?” she asked.

When asked about the weirdest place she has ever had s*x, the talented script writer said; “I once had s*x in the pool, it was way better than bedroom s*x.” She added that early morning s*x is better, compared to when it is done at night.

She said; “I prefer early morning s*x, the one that happens when your husband wakes you up with erection and you initially pretend you are not interested, but you really want to get down to it.”

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