Unbelievable: See the ‘Evil Man’ who beat 81-year-old woman to death, burned her body in her own garden (Photos)

Tautrydas Narbutas, a 24-year-old man has admitted killing an 81-year-old widow in her woodland home before setting fire to her body in the garden, Metro UK reports.

The old woman identified as Albertina Choules was found dead outside her rural home in the Buckinghamshire countryside last July, after desperately calling the police to report an intruder.

The call handler could hear the voice of a man in the background before the call cut off.

According to Metro UK, Tautrydas Narbutas, today admitted hitting the elderly Buddhist over the head with a blunt instrument, before dragging her into the garden and burning her body.

Police officers had arrived at the property to find Narbutas standing by a fire, with Choules’ charred body in her garden, at around 6.30am on July 6 last year.

The prosecution accepted a guilty plea to manslaughter, not murder, because he suffers from a ‘psychotic disorder’ that gives him diminished responsibility.

Narbutas also pleaded guilty to affray for his ‘abnormal’ behaviour at the crime scene, where he attacked two Thames Valley Police officers with a machete. Two charges of attempted grievous bodily harm have since been dropped.

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