Unbelievable: Angry wife climbs on husband’s Car toPrevent him from driving off after catching him with side-chic (Video)

A Cambodian woman caused commotion recently after climbing on her husband’s car to prevent him from zooming off. The woman who was angry that the husband was cheating refused to come down from the jeep.

According to an eyewitness who posted the video, the man, an officer in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces was caught cheating by the angry wife. She decided to disgrace him by climbing onto the bonnet of the car.

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When the unapologetic husband hit her with the vehicle a few times as he tried to escape. The persistent wife continued until she finally balanced on the roof of the vehicle.

While a police officer attempted to pacify her, the furious lady stomps down on the windshield of the SUV continuously, which eventually caused damage.

Watch video below:

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