Read how Drake and Future were sued over N9 Billion by woman who was allegedly ráped at their concert

A woman who was allegedly defiled at a Drake/Future concert last year has filed a $25m lawsuit against the rappers.

The 28-year-old unnamed woman (simply identified as Jane Doe) attended the Drake/Future concert on August 14, 2016, at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, US.

She claims that during the show, she was approached by Leavy Johnson, who was an employee of Bridgestone Arena.

According to the woman, while she was trying to make her way backstage to meet the rappers, Johnson offered to help out, People Music reports.

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The man then assaulted her, causing her severe physical and psychological injury, she said.

The woman claims that the rappers and their companies who organised the concert were negligent, hence her attack.

The Tennessean reports that Johnson has since been arrested and he’s awaiting trial.

Johnson was indicted on a r*pe charge in the case in January and arrested months later in Florida.

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