Any married lesbian should be raped – Angry Nigerian lady declares on Facebook

Linda Uju Ken

A Nigerian woman by name Linda Uju Ken, has caused uproar on social media after she advocated for lesbians to be r*ped while calling the act very despicable. According to Uju Ken, she got disgusted over the act after seeing a woman married to a man engaging in lesbian act.

she wrote.

“It’s not okay when you as a lesbian keep stalking a married woman, if you don’t like d*ck it doesn’t apply to others… Stay in your shitty lane!”

Uju Ken’s post has however attracted several mixed reactions from other social media users.

Read comments below:

Ibe Williams Theophilus: “Hmm…. Strong words, but in all reality as much as i will have to say that rape is not the way, i still believe that every lesbian should try a good ….. and trust me there will be an addiction around the corner, and if you so don’t like ….. then what is a dildo for?”

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Tee Flo Mars: “D*CK I LIFE TO YOU, y u here tryina tell people what to enjoy you fake ass barbie, beauty and brains dont go together now i believe it. U are a woman and u are asking for other women to be molested, if you love dick so much then date all the men and leave lesbians to enjoy what they enjoy, gosh u are so f*ckin lame.”

Isabella Igwebike: “Your Right babe, say it let d plpl knw some sense truth in it. Cos is it ✌Facts✌. Keep it girl.ðŸ‘�ðŸ‘�”

Christy Ukata: “Promoting rape to make a point is stupid. It’s 2017 and r*pe awareness is a big deal to all. Make ur point about ur lesbians or take a selfie.”

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