“Don’t ever take no for an answer” – Pretty lady says after getting a job. (Photo)s

A lady identified as Nicole Fuyumi has shared an inspirational story of how she was rejected after an interview with a company she applied for in 2015. The next year being 2016, she applied for job in the same company despite the previous rejection and was offered a full time with a salary almost three times the previous one. Read her story below;

March 2015: I applied to this organization and was called to interview.

April 2015: My interview process was cut short after the first round phone screen.


August 2016: Deloitte hosted an information session on Wake’s campus.

September 2016: I swallowed my pride, and submitted ANOTHER application.

October 2016: I was called to interview and flew out to DC.

November 2016: I was offered a full-time position with a salary almost 3X more than the previous one.


August 7, 2017: I completed my first day! Moral of the story: Don’t ever take “no” for an answer. Your plan may be delayed, but it doesn’t mean denial. Just keep swimming, and trust the process.

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