Unbelievable: Paramedic caught on camera kicking a pregnant nurse in the stomach (Video)

This is the distressing footage showing a furious paramedic kicking a pregnant nurse in the stomach at a hospital.

According to Metro UK, CCTV cameras captured the sickening attack in the hospital in the city of Valparaiso in Chile.

The paramedic, who has not been identified, has been suspended from duty pending an inquiry, and is also likely to face criminal charges.

Prosecutor Claudio Uribe said: ‘We are filling out the necessary paper work to press charges.’

It is not known what caused the paramedic to lash out at the woman.

In the video, the pair are seen arguing, with the paramedic grabbing the nurse by the hair and appearing to shout in her face.

When they separate, the woman appears to continue talking to the man.

This prompts him to turn around and violently kick her in the stomach, causing her to stumble backwards into a door.

Their confrontation reportedly lasted for three minutes and only ended when security guards arrived.

Even then, the man continued to shout abuse until the guards could restrain him.

Watch the video below:

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