Travel agency uses nude flight attendants in Ad campaign (Pics, Video)

Adweek covers the unusual ad campaign that Chocotravel, a travel agency based in Kazakhstan, launched this week.

The ad was apparently intended to communicate that they don’t add anything to the cost of airline tickets, and it seems the way they chose to communicate that was by showing unclad girls covering their privates with hats. The point they’re trying to make is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion.

This action has attracted diverse responses as media personnel bare their views as seen below:

PR and communications consultant Marat Raimkhanov described the ad to the BBC as “a triumph of misogyny, a gesture of desperation to attract public attention. It’s a total failure – socially, morally and professionally.” Raimkhanov also called for a boycott of the Chocotravel brand.

Meanwhile here’s what a Chocotravel representative had to say in defense of the ad:

Chocotravel ticketing service director Nikolay Mazensev said the ad is “bold and outrageous and we did not mean to offend,” the BBC reported. But Mazensev added: “It shows no less than you’d see on the beach or by the pool. Do you attack girls in short skirts or swimsuits?”

“There’s definitely no s*xism,” added Nurken Rzaliyev, an employee of parent company Chocofamily. “Opinions were divided, but attention was made to the problem of high ticket prices.”

They claim it’s not s*xist, and shortly after the initial ad, one was published with male folks.

Watch the controversial ad below:

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